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Wellpoint Sports Acupuncture

WellPoint Acupuncture (Sports & Cosmetic) located in Gastown, Vancouver. For over 15 years it has been the home of Mahsa Ahmadi, R.Ac., C.SMA., registered acupuncturist and Specialized Sports Medicine Acupuncturist®.

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Sports Acupuncture: Do acute or chronic injuries or postural issues cause you agony? are you an athlete looking for an advantage?

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Cosmetic Acupuncture : Are you noticing wrinkles or other signs of aging? Acne or puffiness? Loss of muscle tone, TMJ or headaches? check our new Extended Cometic Acupuncture treatment on our online booking page.

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Traditional Acupuncture: Have you suffered from stress, digestive issues, or sleeping problems? Do you struggle with low energy?

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New extended Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment

New service now offered at WellPoint Acupuncture. The new 90 min cosmetic acupuncture is the ULTIMATE experience for those who not only love to get the full experience of a relaxing acupuncture treatment but also need to address skin, health, stress and age related issues. This is an all inclusive cosmetic acupuncture experience that focuses on the root cause, face and neck. The session includes: skin and health assessment, FULL face acupuncture, body acupuncture, facial cupping (skin plumping), E-Guasha/LED (activating blood flow, anti-inflammatory), hydrating face mask and neck/shoulder massage. This treatment targets acne or scarring, TMJ issues, fine lines and wrinkles, localized tension, headaches and more. You will also be thoroughly educated on your in-home skincare regiment. Ask us about our special packages and products specifically designed to help boost skin’s regeneration, deep hydration and protective properties.

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Introducing "Dip in Nature"

Inspired by nature and designed and formulated by a healthcare practitioner. Mahsa A, the Vancouver acupuncturist, has carefully hand picked every ingredient and every product to make sure they meet high quality & sustainable standards. “Dip in Nature” as a whole, focuses on all natural products that are carefully picked for their unique therapeutic abilities, high mineral or nutritional content, free of all toxic additives, hand-made, hand harvested & made in Canada. Some formulations are based on Chinese Medicine herbalogy and target specific physical needs. Magnesium amongst many mineral rich salts are chosen for their endless benefits for the skin, body and mind. We are proud to be able to offer a unique experience and a lifestyle choice to all who seek it.
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Personalized Treatment
You will receive a full individualized one-on-one treatment
Comfortable Clinic
Our cosy clinic feels like a comfortable healing space
Licensed Therapist
Your acupuncture treatment can be covered by extended health care
Practitioners Network
We will work closely with all your health practitioners
Experienced Staff
Our therapists have decades of experience in clinical practice
Therapy Goals
Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome

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