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Modern Cosmetic Acupuncture – In-person training – Sept 29-Oct 2, 2023

Attention Acupuncturists & new graduates:

Looking to gain new skills and / or growing your practice? How about a new twist to a traditional acupuncture treatment?
Facial acupuncture treatments can be quite rewarding for the practitioner and the clients who seek it. Modern Cosmetic Acupuncture training combines traditional Eastern knowledge and modern Western tools to provide a comprehensive approach to learn, assess and effectively treat the largest organ in the body, the Skin.

Our experts will help you to modernize your practice, attract new clients and increase profits.  As we cover new protocols for facial acupuncture, specific facial & neuromuscular conditions, face, neck and shoulder trigger points, etc; we also introduce basic facial tools such as cupping, Gua Sha and jade roller, and modern tools such as LED, micro-current, hydra-needle and more. We have also partnered up with various educators that work with well known product lines which we are using throughout the workshop to assist in our best education platform possible. We will make sure that you have all the tools you need to confidently apply these new skills in your practice immediately.

Important notes:

3 Days hands-on and supervised training in facial acupuncture totalling 21 CEU hours – accepted by CTCMA, BC and AB.  (For CEU’s in other provinces and states, enquire directly to your college). Participants will receive a certificate of completion after completing all hours of the training. PLEASE NOTE: This in-depth program is designed for registered acupuncturists, TCMP & DTCM practitioners – new graduates welcome. You must have an active practicing status and insurance in order to participate.

Course outline includes:

Part 1: Western medicine anatomy, Acupuncture point anatomy and advance needling education,

Part 2: Facial tools, theory & how to use,

Part 3: Skin care education, skin conditions & product use, demo,

Part 4: Protocols, benefits, safety, contraindications,

Part 5: Specific conditions (skin & neuromuscular), acupressure and massage protocols ,

Part 6: intake, diagnosis (Chinese medicine and Western), skin self-care and all the how to’s you need to know,

Part 7: Guest speakers – experts in aesthetics and well-known skin care lines.




Our Instructors:

Mahsa Ahmadi, RAc, C.SMA, Dip. DTCM

Mahsa Ahmadi, RAc, C.SMA, Dip. DTCM


Registered acupuncturist at WellPoint Acupuncture, Sports Medicine acupuncture specialist® and certified cosmetic acupuncture, also founder of “Dip in Nature” natural product line. Mahsa graduated from ICTCMV, is a registered acupuncturist with CTCMA, practicing since early 2008. Training with Virginia Doran in 2008 allowed her to start her practice in Cosmetic acupuncture immediately. She has worked in award winning spas and contributed to many articles on the subject across all social platforms including local and national periodicals. Her completion of Sports Medicine acupuncture certification in 2013 allowed her to expand her practice to help more people manage their pain and work or sport related unjuries. In this live seminar she will cover everything you need to know on how to confidently incorporate a new service, how to assess, needle safely and set idealistist expectations.

Guest Speaker

Aesthetician or skin care expert

Takeaways from Guest speakers include:

  • Better skin care product knowledge
  • How to consult, assess and use the correct products
  • Product usage and appropriate recommendations

Added Bonuses:

  • 1 hour – additional one-on-one mentorship with Mahsa to help you set up and grow your practice,
  • A very fun and interactive workshop in a small group setting that allows for plenty of practice and close monitoring by the instructor,
  • 25% discount to experience a Full cosmetic acupuncture session w/ Mahsa,
  • Gift bag from Dip in Nature ( $75 value)
  • Discount on “Dip in Nature” products and access to wholesale pricing and more.
  • A 6-10 person capacity allows for close attention and monitoring by the instructor. Many hours dedicated to hands-on practice. Endless benefits and takeaways to help you understand personal conditions and how to help more people achieve their goals.


EARLY BIRD: 10% discount – use code: LEARNING after following the link below. Offer ends Sept 16th, 2023.

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