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Please note: WellPoint acupuncture is a private clinic located at the edge of Gastown and Chinatown in Vancouver. We are specialized in Sports Medicine Acupuncture as well as focusing on Facial Acupuncture and all neuromuscular conditions. 

Conditions effectively treated by Sports Medicine Acupuncture’s targeted modalities are listed but not limited to the following table.

Impingement syndrome Neck pain Ligament sprain SI dysfunction
Rotator cuff injury Muscle sprain Hip Flexor Disfunction Disc hernia
Frozen shoulder Low back pain Tennis elbow Radiculopathy
Cervical spondylosis Thoracolumbar junc (TLJ) Bicipital Tendonitis Golfer’s elbow
Muscle tension headache Facet joint syndrome Trigger point pathology Bursitis
Tendinopathy Pelvic tilt Upper cross syndrome Ankle instability
Scoliosis Pelvic rotation Thorasic outlet synd Knee pain
LCL, MCL & ACL injuries Nerve entrapment Soft tissue injury Kyphosis
Meniscal injury Patellar dysfunction Runners Knee Jumpers knee
Pes Anserine bursitis Carpal tunnel synd IT band friction synd Ankle sprain
Flat foot (Pes planus) Hallux valgus Hollow foot (Pes cavus) Shin splints
Tarsal Tunnel synd Achilles tendonitis Morton’s neuroma Plantar fasciitis

The following conditions are proven to be effectively treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. The conditions treated by Acupuncture are not limited to this table as many conditions today do not have a medical name nor all problems are necessarily categorized.

Pain Stress Digestive Respiratory
Joint pain Emotional distress Nausea Asthma
Bone pain Anxiety Vomiting Sore throat
Cancer pain Insomnia Bloating Common cold
Muscle pain Sleeping disorders Loss of appetite Headaches
Arthritis Smoking cessation Excessive appetite Flu
Sciatica Hypertension Gastritis Pneumonia
Tennis elbow Fatigue Diarrhea Sinusitis
Headaches Low energy Constipation Tonsilitis
Migraines Weight issues IBS Rhinitis
TMJ Muscle spasms Colitis Allergies
Shingles pain Chest pain Abdominal pain Infections

The table that follows lists primary and additional benefits that result from facial rejuvenation acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture.

Conditions Treated Additional Benefits
Puffiness, loss of collagen Menopausal discomfort alleviated
Enlarged pores Weight loss and digestive issues
Double chin Neck pain and stress relief
Facial sagginess Anti-depression, increased mental clarity
Droopy eyelids Bell’s palsy and trigeminal neuralgia
Age spots Increased energy levels
Deep wrinkes and fine lines Relief from insomnia
Dry or oily skin Reduction of hormonal acne, headaches and hair loss